Since its inception in 2010, Celeste has worked as an independent Branding, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing Agency. Our designs are curated with art, logic, passion and experience. The owners at Celeste are the artists behind designs who also act as the point of contact for the wide spectrum of clientele. We work to define brand image and its purpose with meaningful marketing strategies and innovative campaigns that develop exceptional experiences. Our team is a group of passionate individuals with strong design and tech credentials, and with creativity at heart who love to get deep into each project that’s taken up.

The design industry is perpetually changing and we wish to evolve with it subsequently raising the standards of creativity in the industry further expanding our horizons mentally, aesthetically and geographically. The goal is to revolutionise brand communications with determined experimentation, explanation and exploration.


A well praised artist with almost 3 decades of experience, Mr. Mandeep Singh possesses expertise in design, illustration and typography. As an exhibitor of digital abstract art at top tier galleries across the nation which gained huge media coverage, he has developed an intuitive way of working that has gained him a lot of admiration for his expressive visual style. As a designer, he focuses on the potential of language as a visual medium, pushing language to its limits. Mixing styles and drawing equally inspired from art, abstract art, fashion and music, Mr. Mandeep has created design, illustration and typography for a diverse range of both some of the most iconic national and international clients in the field of Real Estate, Hospitality, Industrial, Medical, Education etc. for which he is acclaimed as “Hospitality King” in the North region of India. His talent has been honored by many well renowned Art Gallery Directors for his excellent Typography and Abstract Art.


Results-driven Chief Executive Officer with over 10 years of experience in leading and increasing growth in medium and big businesses. Recipient of a prestigious degree in Media and Communication from the country’s most premium institute. Has thrived and achieved unparalleled increase in company’s revenue and helped increase client database by a huge percentage. With a rich experience and proficiency in outbound marketing communications, brand advertisement, design philosophy and storytelling, he is leading and growing alongside Celeste Experience.