AI in the creative industry:How we use ChatGPT and other tools

At the moment, everybody is looking into ChatGPT. The use cases we have identified show illustrate how these and other AI models can be used not only to write your own biography for Tinder, but also to optimize certain work processes in a professional context. No topic is currently getting as much attention as image and text AI – most notably ChatGPT. Curiosity coupled with our great love for data and technology is what drives us – which is why we too have turned our attention to AI tools like ChatGPT, Neuroflash, Midjourney, Dall-E etc. from day one. As a result, we’ve been able to identify several use cases for integrating image and text AI in everyday agency work.

New digital standards with Webflow

We don’t just observe digital developments, we want to actively help shape them. Particularly noteworthy is the rapid rise of no-code and low-code platforms such as Webflow. As an agency, we identify a goal, break down the possibilities and find solutions. In doing so, we are not afraid to break new ground. This also applies to the relaunch of our own website, which we fundamentally rethought last year as part of an internal branding process. With the implementation in Webflow, we were able to identify new possibilities for us – as well as subsequently for our customers – when it comes to websites.


Gen Z, including the social media channels they use, is often underestimated in terms of its relevance as a target group. When used correctly, platforms like TikTok are an important tool for sustainable image building. However, this requires a little knowledge about the users, an overview of current trends and, of course, good ideas. See what friends and acquaintances are up to, find out about current events or discover the latest food trends – we all use social media every day for a wide variety of purposes. But what actually drives Gen Z on social media? And how can you optimally use your user behavior for marketing purposes?