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Use content marketing for branding

A brand relates the story. The story is told at all customer touch points including advertising, brochures, newsletters, blogs, outdoors, website or social media. However, care should taken to ensure that narrative is the same at all customer touch points.  The brand story always has a certain amount of emotion and historicity as attached.  Of course, story always has a story teller and an interpreter. The brand consultant is the story teller who weaves the story on various motifs.  Obviously, the thread, the canvas and the fabric of storytelling is the content.  Content management, therefore, is the strongest pillar of brand making.  The language of narrative has to be subtle as well as informal, when it is aimed at general public.  However, content on platforms like economic and business publications has to be formal and laden with facts. It should convey and make sense always.  It has to be read by people who are decision makers in trade and commerce.  Though very many establishments proliferate in the name of the name of content management, good content writers are very few. As ‘content is the king’, it should be nurtured with care.

Sandeep S. Sandhu