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Think Logo

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about a brand is their ‘logotype’, prominently known as a ‘logo’. ‘Logos’ and ‘typos’ are two Greek words meaning ‘word’ and ‘imprint’ which forms the word Logotype. In use since c.2300 BCE, it still stands as the most essential part of branding. There is a reason why lots of companies invest a lot of money on logo creation. When a brand product hits the market, it is judged by its representation, and logo being a part of their overall representation has become a necessity for brands targeting great (worldwide) recognition. Logo is that emotional character of a company that helps the customer to lay trust on the brand. Without a powerful affect logo, the brand has no front face. A logo must be simple yet attractive enough to pull the customer’s attention. There are many aspects that are looked into when it comes to designing a logo, such as, the country in which the brand was formed, universal credibility, comprehensiveness of the logo and language of the content. Text and graphic are the two base elements of a logo – where ‘Text’ decides ‘what will be the content’ and ‘Graphic’ decides ‘how it will be displayed’. For an effective logo, the text and graphic should be dynamic and persuasive. It should have a compelling effect on the customers to put their faith in the brand. There are 3 types of logos, namely; wordmark, graphical and combination mark. A wordmark logo consists of only a text; written expression. Although building secure bonds with the customers, it has its language limitations. Infosys, Google, Coca-Cola, etc are of the A graphical logo consists of only a vivid picture; visual expression. It is a more creative and lively way of connecting with the consumers. Its examples are Apple, Windows, McDonald’s, etc. A combination mark logo consists of a text and a graphical design; written and visual expression. This is the most responsive and adaptable type of logo. Its examples are Pizza Hut, TATA, Airtel, etc.

So much for the theory! So let us begin with the logo.

Jaspreet Kaur