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The Tagline says it all

If a logo is the face of a brand, a tagline is its soul. If you sit and ponder about the brands that have left their mark on your mind with their advertising; chances are it’s because of their catchy taglines. Taglines, closely connected to brand slogans, are designed to incorporate the entire philosophy of a brand in just a few, crisp words. The more catchy the tagline of a brand, the easier it is for the memory of the consumer to retain it. The taglines are carefully designed to be witty while not straying too far from the brand mantra.

The entire brand advertising is based on the logo, the symbols and the tagline. In this fast paced life, where everyday millions of advertisements are flooding the market; it is a challenge to be monumentalized in the thoughts of the consumer. For a customer to hold on to the memory of a brand, it is imperative for all the elements of brand advertising to be in complete synchronization. Taglines are essentially the codes which convey the essential brand value and these codes are the foundation of the brand cultural messaging that takes place.

It is very important for the taglines to be succinct in order to be effective. Slogans that are too long or confusing, leave the customers guessing; giving them a much harder time in understanding your brand. Research shows that taglines taking up a whole sentence to convey the brand philosophy are less effective than a tagline comprising of just three words. Nike’s “Just Do It”, Apple’s “Think Different”, De Beers’ “A Diamond is Forever” have incorporated all the important aspects of brand advertising to become memorable in the eyes and minds of the public.

Navreen Pannu