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The choice between branded content and content marketing

People not from the fields of advertising and marketing may confuse the two terms “branded content” and “content marketing.” But specialists know that there is a clear difference between the two. Branded content is generally created in form of videos and do not carry the direct message about the brand. A cultural story is narrated and the brand is slowly pushed into it for a while in an entertaining way. The brand storyteller, therefore, tries to create an emotional connect of the masses thus increasing the brand awareness level. Content marketing on the other hand is more pervasive and is a rational and informative way of talking about the brand. Content marketing is done in conventional textual or graphic mediums or even in the form of videos. There is out and out talk about the brand resulting in greater lead generation and sales. It is focused towards a particular target audience and there is no general messaging involved. However, the area where branded content outscores content marketing is that of storytelling. As the brand journey moves on a lot of narratives are created about the brand. The brands should, while, spending a larger chunk on content marketing also earmark some of their budgets for branded content.

 Sandeep S. Sandhu