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Social Media – A Quick And Effective Promotion Strategy.

Social media is a rapidly growing platform that helps its users to generate and share content and indulge in collective networking. It is a process which makes online communication and global interaction convenient, fast and impactful. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest are a few most popular examples. They are used for personal as well as professional motive. Professional motive is achieved
by building stronger brand equity, and we know consistent branding leads to that. Social media serves this purpose very well.

Electronic word of mouth (eWoM) is a swift and powerful mode of communication and marketing. With a two-fold flow of information, social media phenomenon has dramatically changed marketing communication. It works effectively as a marketing missile and meaningfully contributes to brand building. However, social media alone cannot lay the foundation of a reliable brand. Its purpose is just to pull the consumer engagement through regular and consistent messaging. Although well executed marketing campaigns on social media can boost up the sales quota. And if the brand lives up to the promises delivered during endorsement, the brand image eventually gets stronger.

Jaspreet Kaur