Posted on February, 1, 2016 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

Thought leadership—a perspective

Thought leadership is the ability to generate innovative, insightful and compelling content on different platforms to build company’s reputation and differentiate it from peers. Thought leadership content is valuable and highly focused. It is targeted at a particular group of stakeholders be […]

Posted on January, 11, 2016 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

The “One Voice Program”

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a strategic business process used to plan, develop, execute and evaluate coordinated, persuasive, brand communications programs over time with consumers, prospects, employees, associates and other targeted relevant and internal audiences. The goal is to […]

Posted on December, 22, 2015 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

Three layers of brand communication process

Brand communications is an important tool by which organizations inform, teach, persuade and remind consumers about their products and brands that they sell. It represents the “voice” of the brand and are one way to establish a dialogue and build relationships with consumers.  […]

Posted on November, 7, 2015 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

3 Cs of Brand communications

Let us discover the importance of Consistency, Clarity and Continuity (3Cs) of branding.  Consistency: Brand messaging has to be consistent over time. In other words, it has to talk of the salient features of the brand regularly in the same tone and tenor. Inconsistent messaging sends wrong […]

Posted on September, 26, 2015 by Sandeep S Sandhu.

Brand identity and corporate identity

They may sound similar but they definitely don’t mean the same. Rather corporate identity is a subset of brand identity albeit a small part though not an insignificant one. Corporate identity includes the logo, the tagline, the look and feel of the advertising and brand communications. It is […]

Posted on September, 9, 2015 by Sandeep S Sandhu .

Brand identity and Positioning

Most often these terms are used synonymously in brand literature and communication guidelines. They are pivotal to any study or implementation of brand strategy. But there is a subtle differentiating factor amongst  the two.  Brand identity is an umbrella term that includes all the […]

Posted on April, 19, 2015 by Sandeep Singh Sandhu.

Nourish and nurture the King

“Content is the king,” has become a time-worn cliché but the importance of the content has increased by the day.  “What is content?”— is the million dollar question that props to mind every time someone mentions this ubiquitous word.  You need not […]