Posted on April, 18, 2017 by Celeste Solutions.

A picture is worth a million words

Needless to say that content is increasingly getting in the centerstage of digital branding exercise. Content marketing is in and a blogger is a much sought-after person. ‘Content is the king’ reverberates on the net. However, it begs the question, who then is the queen? Definitely it […]

Posted on March, 2, 2017 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

Brand slogans—the basic of storytelling

Brand is a tale told a million times over every day. Myths and narratives are created and then made to relate to the human thinking from psychological and sociological points of view. Consumers and customers are made a part of these stories that are told in print, television, online media, […]

Posted on January, 31, 2017 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

Relationships in brand systems

Brand systems are based on observable relationships. All brands have three kind of relationships—brand to brand, brand to customer and customer to customer. All three exist simultaneously impacting the overall performance of the brand. Brand to brand relationship define the competitive […]

Posted on November, 28, 2016 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

Use content marketing for branding

A brand relates the story. The story is told at all customer touch points including advertising, brochures, newsletters, blogs, outdoors, website or social media. However, care should taken to ensure that narrative is the same at all customer touch points.  The brand story always has a certain […]

Posted on October, 22, 2016 by Celeste Solutions.

Brand communities—“the in thing”

Companies are adopting new approaches to enhance the brand power of their product. One such approach is that of developing brand communities. It owes its success to deeper sociological and anthropological roots of human behavior. We live together; we form communities of those thinking alike, of […]

Posted on August, 8, 2016 by Celeste Solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility and branding

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer an initiative exclusive to a department located in a remote corner of the organization. It has company-wide ramifications with key branding implications. CRS is no longer about spending a part of profit to get favours in the annual account […]

Posted on June, 28, 2016 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

7 Up ‘Uncola’ positioning.

Positioning is all about creating a space in the mind of the customer.  It is generally made possible by achieving a differentiating factor from the competitive clutter.  But 7 Up drink found its competitive space by unsettling the ‘Cola’ positioning of the popular Coca Cola […]

Posted on June, 17, 2016 by Sandeep S. Sandhu.

Brand with big ‘B’ and small ‘b’.

One is often confused what is brand—and more so brand with big ‘B’ or small ‘b’. For example what is Brand Microsoft of Microsoft’s brand? Keller in Strategic Brand Management gives an interesting explanation. Brand Microsoft is the brand identity of the company, […]

Posted on May, 31, 2016 by Jaspreet Kaur.

Serif v/s sans serif

Serif is a small decorative line attached to the end of every letter or symbol. It makes each letter complete in itself and distinct from the rest, hence boosting our letter recognition which gives the reading a desired smoothness. It has a flowing feature, which makes it less tiring for the eye to […]

Posted on May, 10, 2016 by Jaspreet Kaur .

Branding and marketing – What’s the difference?

How often do terms ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’ induce a state of confusion regarding their usage in right context? Well, the most prominent reason for this could be that both reach similar end results i.e. retain loyal customers and increase sales through effective […]

Posted on April, 15, 2016 by Jaspreet Kaur.

Social Media – A Quick and effective promotion strategy.

Social media is a rapidly growing platform that helps its users to generate and share content and indulge in collective networking. It is a process which makes online communication and global interaction convenient, fast and impactful. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest are a few most popular […]

Posted on March, 15, 2016 by Jaspreet Kaur.

Think Logo

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about a brand is their ‘logotype’, prominently known as a ‘logo’. ‘Logos’ and ‘typos’ are two Greek words meaning ‘word’ and ‘imprint’ which forms the word Logotype. In use […]