Posted on February, 1, 2016 by Celeste Solutions.

Research paper in an international conference.

Sandeep S. Sandhu participated in the 3rd International Conference on Languages, Literature and Society held at Bangkok on 18th-19th January, 2015. Mr.Sandhu presented a research paper on a poem of Walt Whitman, the famous nineteenth century American poet. A group of 65 scholars from different […]

Posted on November, 3, 2015 by Celeste Solutions.

National Conference on Marketing Strategies

National Conference on Marketing Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at CGC (Mohali) on 30th October, 2015 Sanatan Baweja, CEO, Celeste, delivered a lecture on Branding and SMEs at the conference and delved on the issues on the mindset impediments of SME managements from embracing […]