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We just do not understand and meet challenges. Our approach is simple. At Celeste,we define and locate the market contexts, and develop intuitive insights,ideate,and work on brand's DNA so that the clients get better market mileage. Rather than ours, we aspire for the market leadership of our clients.

Branding objectives are not merely a summation of business objectives. We understand branding necessarily as a strategic point of view that aims to give sustained competitive advantage. It is centered around delivering customer value proposition and developing a popular culture around a lot of storytelling.

We carry out a systematic collection, analysis and use of data for the purpose of decision making and giving a clearer picture of customer’s needs and wants, market opportunities, competitive scenario and company’s product and business potential.Types of research Qualitative Quantitative

We carry out brand audit to assess the brand health, uncover its sources of equity and suggest ways to improve and further leverage the brand equity. From the company’s perspective we understand how efficiently branding process is being carried out; from customer’s perspective we understand what ‘meaning’ and ‘beliefs’ are being held.

We identify the most appropriate platforms for building awareness of the brand through a range of media. We have an integrated approach for use of different media for leveraging the collective brand potential. We also liaison with PR agencies for achieving brand penetration and help in conducting media events.

By far the most important aspect of branding, through proper positioning we enable the company to capture a slice of customer’s mind. Positioning is carried out based on research output through the Bull’s Eye tool. We create a Brand Mantra based on Values and Personality, Substantiators, Points of Parity and Points of Difference. The Brand Mantra is circulated in the internal stakeholders for understanding the brand and translated into external communication for positioning the corporate or the product in the mind of the customer.

We create the most compelling visual identities based on appealing logo, the choice of colours, characters, brand names and slogans that incorporate the essence of the brand. All do’s and don’ts and guidelines are established in Brand Book. We also help the company in planning the branding architecture and strategic position of the sub-brands, product brands under the corporate brands.

Our background work is a waste of effort we are not able to convert the findings into meaningful pieces of communication. We follow a comprehensive and out-of-the-box approach in designing the market communication woven around the thread of Brand Mantra for all mediums including print, radio and online. The communications include brochures, product catalogs, advertisements, emailers and material for social media. The offline approach is also used in the online medium. We help spread awareness, consideration, intent and decision. We aid the sales process through traffic generation and nurturing and qualification both through organic and inorganic means.