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Nourish and nurture the King

“Content is the king,” has become a time-worn cliché but the importance of the content has increased by the day.  “What is content?”— is the million dollar question that props to mind every time someone mentions this ubiquitous word.  You need not churn out yards of technical text to be a ‘content rich’ organization rather all your communication, verbal or written, is content based.  Inter office memoranda, press releases, advertising, website and social media text, handouts, brochures, catalogs, reports, feedback, customer reviews—all carry content.  Content is everywhere, yet it escapes our attention. So in order to look after this king (read demi-god), we need to be wary every moment.  Content should be simple, pointed and precise.  It should not only be readable but also engaging. It should spread brand awareness, remove wrong notions and improve brand perception.

Content, therefore, is the most potent weapon in your arsenal.  Curate it with due diligence.

Sandeep Singh Sandhu