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Branding And Marketing – What’s The Difference?

How often do terms ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’ induce a state of confusion regarding their usage in right context? Well, the most prominent reason for this could be that both reach similar end results i.e. retain loyal customers and increase sales through effective communication. In reality, the terms branding and marketing cannot be replaced by each other. Branding is a subset of the larger field of marketing. Let’s analyse.

Branding establishes a unique and strong presence of a product in market. It is what differentiates one product from another and highlights a brand in the existing competition. It helps in building a brand image and sets up customer equity. Name, logo, colour, identity, to name a few are the essence of a brand that contributes in building strong association between a brand and the consumer.

On the other hand, marketing efficiently promotes a product in market. It helps in building a superior business and is directed towards the growth of a brand. Being a promotional activity, marketing includes a well thought of strategy, branding, research, ideating and advertising. Creating and dispensing, relevant content and information to pull customer’s attention is known as content marketing which helps in deriving profitable outcome.

So, to sum up, branding defines ‘you’ and marketing defines ‘what is done to make yourself reach out to the consumer.’

Jaspreet Kaur