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Brand slogans “the basic of storytelling”

Brand is a tale told a million times over every day. Myths and narratives are created and then made to relate to the human thinking from psychological and sociological points of view. Consumers and customers are made a part of these stories that are told in print, television, online media, outdoors, product experiences… these stories are believed and lived across the spectrum of life.
However, the myth of the brand is primarily created with the help of brand slogans. “Only Dove is one-quarter moisturizing cream,” Ogilvy proclaimed more than half a century back. And a whole new narrative of soap being a moisturizing cream that held a great beauty secret got etched in people’s mind. Now, there is so much going on around this ‘beauty bar’— contests, sharing of experiences and even social responsibility exercises. The entire gamut of activities is woven around the gospel Ogilvy once stated.
So, the more intuitive, the more powerful the brand slogan is, the more memorable and lasting will be the tale told around it. Happy sloganeering.

Sandeep S. Sandhu