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Brand identity and Positioning

Most often these terms are used synonymously in brand literature and communication guidelines. They are pivotal to any study or implementation of brand strategy. But there is a subtle differentiating factor amongst  the two.  Brand identity is an umbrella term that includes all the activities beginning from design of corporate identity, statement of vision, mission, philosophy and their organization-wide entrenchment, advertising and communication—in short everything of how brand, thinks, feels and behaves. Positioning on the other hand is a subset of branding. It is a communication centric approach that establishes the comparative position of the brand in the competition. A product can’t be positioned without the existence of competing brands.  In other words, it is to identify, and take possession of, a strong purchasing rationale that gives a real or a perceived advantage.  The entire gambit of positioning activities and guidelines is encapsulated in the positioning statement as show in the two classic cases of Avis Car Rentals—‘We are number two, we try harder’ and Dove Soap—‘It is 25% moisturizing cream.’

Sandeep S Sandhu