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Brand identity and corporate identity

They may sound similar but they definitely don’t mean the same. Rather corporate identity is a subset of brand identity albeit a small part though not an insignificant one. Corporate identity includes the logo, the tagline, the look and feel of the advertising and brand communications. It is purely a work of graphics and created, while sitting in the design studio. It is the physical embodiment of the ethos of the company, of its values and what it stands for. Brand identity is a larger concept and includes everything from the way the brand delivers its service or product message to the image it carries, personality and culture it has. Brand identity is a multi-disciplinary affair cutting across all possible dimensions of the existence and market presence of a company.  While swoosh is the corporate identity of Nike, its brand identity includes everything including the kind of experience every shoe gives to the wearer, its quality and appearance.

Sandeep S Sandhu