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Brand communication comprises attributes, benefits and essence

Branding creates emotional attachment to products and companies; in other words, it bonds the consumer with the brand. Branding efforts create a feeling of involvement, a sense of higher quality,
and an aura of intangible qualities that surround the brand name, mark, or symbol.
However, the most strategic efforts, the most sincere efforts in making the products and processes, the most advanced technologies and resources will not deliver the goods if they are not Supported by effective communication strategy.
Communication is a three layered process:
1. At the outer level we talk of the attributes.
The message is:
i) Our housing is most conveniently located in the city.
ii) We are the region’s oldest cafe.
iii) Our milk is freshly milked.
2. At the middle level we talk of benefits:
The message is:
i) We ensure quality placements.
ii) Our products are most wholesome nutritionally.
iii) Our products last for the lifetime.
3. At the inner level we talk of essence:
The message is:
i) We are known for honesty and integrity.
ii) We have zero-tolerance in quality conformance.
iii) We have a culture of excellence.
So together, the attributes, the benefits and essence create the most effective brand communications.

Sandeep S. Sandhu