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A picture is worth a million words

Needless to say that content is increasingly getting in the centerstage of digital branding exercise. Content marketing is in and a blogger is a much sought-after person. ‘Content is the king’ reverberates on the net. However, it begs the question, who then is the queen? Definitely it is the ‘picture’. Image gives a compelling power to the content. Visitors tend to read the content with pictures more than the one that doesn’t have any images. Good pictures make the text more visually appealing and help the reader ‘understand’ the text better.

Google crawlers look for words as well as images in any text. Every text should ideally be accompanied by pictures, illustrations or infographics so that it can get better placed in the search results. But care should be taken to add only relevant images to the text. Secondly, the image too is optimized much like the text as part of search engine optimization. Image should have a good resolution and should be large enough to be visible on different devices. Image should be optimized with the help of descriptive keywords. However, large pictures increase the loading time of the page. It is important to decrease the size of the picture and increase the speed of loading the page. E-commerce sites generally use thumbnails. But too many thumbnails also slow down the website. Before using the image, one should be sure that it doesn’t belong to any ‘stock websites’, lest it lands the publisher in some copyright soup.

So, adding a picture or two, albeit carefully, adds much meaning to the context.

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