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3 Cs of Brand communications

Let us discover the importance of Consistency, Clarity and Continuity (3Cs) of branding.

Consistency: Brand messaging has to be consistent over time. In other words, it has to talk of the salient features of the brand regularly in the same tone and tenor. Inconsistent messaging sends wrong and confusing signals, thus, dampening the effect of the communications.

Clarity: There should be a lot of verbal and linguistic clarity in messaging. An unclear message fails to register in the minds of the target audience.

Continuity: Brand communications should be continued over lengths of time. Erratic advertising fails to deliver the goods. If a brand is there, it has to be there continuously.

All three Cs have work together to make the brand communications click and deliver the goods. With one of them missing, even the most thoughtfully planned campaigns won’t work.

Sandeep S. Sandhu